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     DJIA #: 97 - July 12-14, 2024     
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Our VIP program is exclusively for our high volume field trial handlers. Designed with the Pro trainer in mind, handlers can enter ANY field trial online for the rate of $6.85 per entry. You can enter EntryExpress events as late as the day the event closes, without paying online. EntryExpress will send your entry fees on your behalf. You have until the event starts to submit payment, via check, to us.

Non-EntryExpress events will have an "entry deadline" that is a couple days prior to the actual close.

Invoice by email Sample Invoice
Never overnight another entry and never lose sleep wondering if your entries were received. You'll never make copies of entries again. A detailed invoice will come in your email immediately after you complete your entry.

Invoice history stored online! Invoice Page
Your entire entry history is stored online, forever. At the click of a button, you can see every event, stake, and dog you entered.

You have options! Sample VIP Entry Page
When you are ready to complete an entry for an EntryExpress event, you have the option to pay immediately, via credit card, for the standard fee of $6.85 per entry. Simply uncheck the VIP checkbox. Non-EntryExpress events require payment by check.

VIP Account Terms

Your payment must be received prior to the start of this event. Entry Express will pay your entry fee(s) in full on your behalf. Entry Express Inc has extended credit to you and your prompt payment is appreciated. A late fee of $25.00 will be charged for all payments received after the start of the event. Furthermore, your entries are subject to be scratched from this event and Entry Express reserves the right to require payment in advance, via cashier check, for future event entry until your account is made current.

A $35.00 returned check fee will be applied to all returned checks in addition to any late fees incurred.

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