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     DJIA #: 42 - June 14-16, 2024     
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Entering Online
Enter any AKC retriever field trial or hunt test - ONLINE. Enter multiple dogs in multiple stakes in seconds! Our fee for AKC Entries is $6.85 per entry. This is an administrative fee that help offset staff expenses, programming overhead & credit card processing.

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Create as as many dog records in your profile as you want. All of your information is stored SECURE and FREE! View your event history and your dogs' performances.
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Add yourself to premium mailing lists - ONLINE. Upon approval from a club delegate, you will receive a mailed copy of EntryExpress managed events.
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EntryExpress Events
EntryExpress Events are events that are completely managed by EntryExpress.NET (we handle the premiums and catalogs). This is noted next to the Event Name. Online Entry deadlines for these events are the same as the closing date. You can enter at the last minute and view the people who have entered before you. You will be able to view the Online Running Order minutes after the event closes.
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Non-EntryExpress Events
These are events where we will have to print and mail your entries to a club secretary. In this case, we really need 3 days to get your entry to them prior to the close date.
Our Philosophy
Revolutionizing the dog games
Why not have one central Event Secretary for all events? All premiums, all entries, all catalogs, and all event reporting. All information stored in one place. View the entries for all events, view the results, view dog and handler performance history, etc... The basic principle of electronic information means lower costs for everyone. Online entries, electronic premiums, email notifications, new standardized catalogs, and our event reports will revolutionize the dog games.

Event Data at your fingertips
This is what we talk about in the Galleries . . .
Who entered, who won, and who's the youngest dog in the Open? Its all available here, and FREE!

Event reporting that treats each event like a National. Our FREE online event reports show dog reports by age, breed, and sex - for each stake.
Electronic Draw - Running Orders
Everything is ONLINE! The entry list is built and available for all to view as handlers enter online. Handlers entering via mail will be entered and posted online as they are received. See who has entered, BEFORE YOU ENTER.

The running order will be performed by our Electronic Draw tool immediately after the close of the event. Our system will split multiple dog handlers by 4 dogs.

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